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Paediatric First Aid and Emergency Paediatric First Aid

Where a First Aid course is described using the term ‘Paediatric’ it is a course designed for establishments and workers engaged in the care of Early Years Foundation Stage children and babies, (EYFS). There is significant legislation with which these establishments must be familiar and compliant.  You can download the relevant guidance here:

Why are there two Paediatric Courses?

The Paediatric First Aid course is a Two Day, 12 hour course, sometimes referred to as the ‘Full Paediatric First Aid course’.  The OFSTED regulations require that every EYFS child must have access to a member of staff holding this ‘Full’ course qualification at all times.

The Emergency Paediatric First Aid course is a 6 hour, One-Day course.  Where a school, nursery etc wishes to have additional staff holding a First Aid qualification which is specific for EYFS children and babies they may choose to arrange for a number of staff to hold this certificate, in addition to the staff who hold the ‘Full’ Paediatric First Aid certificate. The Emergency Paediatric First Aid certificate cannot be considered an alternative to the Full certificate.

Newly Qualified Staff Requirement

The Statutory Framework above requires that all newly qualified entrants to the Early Years workforce who have completed Level 2 and/or Level 3 qualification on or after 30th June 2016 must also have either a Full Paediatric First Aid or an Emergency Paediatric First Aid certificate within 3 months of starting work in order to be included in the required staff:child ratios at Level 2 or Level 3 in an early years setting.

Emergency Paediatric First Aid

(Level 3 RQF) 6 Hours, One Day

This is the One Day, 6 hour course that can be held by all members of staff who work with EYFS children.  It can not be used in the calculation for staff; child ratios which schools, nurseries publish in their publicity materials and reports etc.

Child and baby manikins are used exclusively in this course with sufficient to ensure that  no more than two candidates share.

The course content is stipulated by the Statutory Framework:

Assessing an emergency situation and prioritising action to help a child or baby who is:

Unresponsive but breathing normally

Unresponsive but not breathing (CPR and use of AED)

Recovery Position

Having a seizure



Suffering shock from blood loss

The Emergency Paediatric First Aid certificate has a life of 3 years.

Paediatric First Aid

(Level 3 RQF) 12 Hours, 2 Days, Level 3 (RQF)

OFSTED Compliant for EYFS

This is the 12 hour, ‘Full’ course which leads to the Level 3 (RQF) Paediatric First Aid certificate which is a compulsory requirement to meet the legislation for Early Years Foundation Stage establishments and those caring for EYFS children.  As such it meets all of the OFSTED requirements.

It is therefore the First Aid course of choice for playgroups, nurseries, schools and child minding services responsible for children under the age of 6 years.  The content of the course addresses the special procedures and techniques required for both babies and small children.

Lancashire First Aid Training Ltd complies with the regulations by only using baby and child manikins for practical sessions, and by ensuring there are adequate numbers so that no more than two persons are required to share a manikin.

The course content includes:

  •     Recognising and understanding vital signs in children and babies
  •     The ABC of incident management adapted for use with children and babies
  •     Care of unconsciousness - Recovery Position
  •     CPR for children and babies
  •     Using an AED
  •     Monitoring and recording vital signs
  •     Dealing with choking children and babies
  •     Accident reporting and recording
  •     Dealing with bleeding and shock
  •     Asthma, Diabetes, Epilepsy, meningitis, sickle cell anaemia, anaphylaxis etc
  •     Head injuries
  •     Limb injuries
  •     Ears, nose and eye problems
  •     Neck and spinal injury
  •     Burns and scalds
  •     Poisoning
  •     Treating the effects of heat and cold

This course can be delivered on INSET Days in school.

If you would like this course to be delivered on-site we are happy to discuss this with you and provide a competitive quote.  Assuming most schools only require a small number of staff holding a Paediatric First Aid certificate it is often worthwhile acting as the host school for other establishments in the neighbourhood so as to offer a larger class number for economy.    We are also happy to advertise the event on our website to help increase your numbers if required. Please contact us to discuss your plans.

Certification life is for 3 years, each candidate receives a Paediatric First Aid Manual.

NOTE: All our courses are practical and active, we normally expect all candidates to be able to bend, kneel, lie and roll another person on floor mats, and to perform CPR on a manikin.  We advise all candidates to dress so that they will feel comfortable to do so.